Portable HPHT Consistometer Model HTD7716



The input voltage

220VAC 50/60HZ

Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

The Portable HPHT consistometer is used to determine the length of time a given cement slurry remains in a fluid state at a desired temperature and pressure. This data is then used to compare various cements. The tests performed are known as Thickening Time Tests.
Complete details of the procedure are contained in API Spec 10 titled Materials and Testing for Well Cements.
Cement slurry is placed in the consistometer, pressure and temperature are increased according to the API schedules, or the specific schedules desired by the user, and the consistency of the slurry is recorded as a function of time. An automatic shut-down feature cools the instrument, and shuts down the heater and motor upon completion of the test.
Features and Benefits
•Programmable temperature controller
•Rugged design
•Easy to operate
•Recorder for both viscosity and temperature
•Magnetic drive system to reduce maintenance
•Adjustable alarm for viscosity levels
•Slurry container rotation at 150 rpm

Type Specification

HTD7716Portable HPHT Consistometer

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1The input voltage220VAC 50/60HZ
2The input power4000 W
3Consistency resolution1BC
4Maximum working pressure112 Mpa (16240PSI)
5Maximum operating temperature175℃(343℉)
6Heater power3000W
7Mixing speed150r/min
8Scope of consistency0–100BC
9The pressure mediumSpecial oil for the HPHT Consistometer(Hai Tong Da)
10Choose automatic pressure controlAutomatic control of the tank’s pressure
11Ambient operating temperature0–50℃(32–120℉)
12The compressed air400–700 Kpa (50–100PSI)
13The cooling water600 Kpa (20–80PSI)
14Cooling water connection1/4NPT
15Net weight / Gross weight156kg/200kg
16Overall dimensions680×390×560mm
17Packing size1000×1000×1100mm


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