Mixers – Laboratory Model D90-300



Power supply

220V±10% 50Hz

Rated power


The environment


Product Description

Slurry formulations usually contain a base liquid and additives which must be dissolved or mechanically dispersed into the liquid to form a homogenous fluid. The resulting fluid may contain one or more of the following: water -dispersible (soluble) polymers or resins, clays or other insoluble but dispersible fine solids, and soluble salts. The fluids are mixed or sheared for times appropriate to achieve a homogenous mixture.

Shearing devices vary widely in the amount of shear they impart. Longer shearing times may be required for low shear devices to achieve complete dissolution/hydration of fluid components; while high shear devices may produce nearly completely yielded drilling fluid blends in a few minutes.
The Model D90 Mixer (Dispersator) utilizes a patented mixing head that pumps material into the hollow mixing chamber and outward through the chamber openings. The mixing head’s blades are designed to draft material from above and below the mixing head and pull it into the chamber. The suction of the blades and flow through the chamber provide a more homogeneous material mix compared to other mixers which rely exclusively on centrifugal force.

This mixer achieves a higher shear in less time and maintains a homogeneous material mix without shear degradation. The high speed mixing head is easily disassembled for cleaning. Both the head and the shaft are replaceable. The mixer is mounted on a rugged, metallic frame for stability during mixing.

Type Specification

D90-AElectromotion Mixer
D90-150Multispeed Powerful Stirrer
D90-300High-Power Mixer

Technical Specification

1Power supply220V±5% 50Hz
2Rated power90W150W300W
3speed adjustable range0~2000r/min0~3000r/min0~3000r/min
4The environment temperature~40℃
5Environmental humidity10~85RH%
6Net weight / Gross weight7.6kg/8.74kg8.84kg/9.82kg8.84kg/9.82kg
7Overall dimensions252×340×710mm252×340×710mm252×340×710mm
8Packing size443×435×160mm443×435×160mm443×435×160mm