From July 4 to 13, the capacity building seminar of apprenticeship training international cooperation project and CNPC skill leader training week were held in Daqing Oilfield.

This year, according to the unified arrangement of the Ministry of human resources and social security, PetroChina, as the only central enterprise unit participating in the pilot cooperation, cooperated with the international labor organization to carry out the pilot work of the international cooperation project of apprenticeship training.

On July 9, the results of the third national professional skills Drilling Fluids Testing  competition for oil and gas development and PetroChina’s 2021 professional skills competition were announced. 48 teams won the gold medals of each professional team, 105 teams won the first, second and third prizes of each team, and 428 players won gold, silver and bronze medals. On November 11, a forum for CNPC technical leaders to do practical work in enterprises and visit the red oil mark was held at the iron man memorial hall to share successful experiences and exchange experiences. From December 12 to 13, the participating units signed the framework agreement on enterprise school apprenticeship training and the agreement on famous teachers’ cross enterprise apprenticeship, held the rotation ceremony of skilled talents working alliance between eastern and western enterprises, and presented awards to the winners of 2021 skills competition and the skilled leading talents commended by the state.